Jamsafety has been dealing directly with Chinese manufacturers far before the current COVid-19 crisis we face today, and while manufacturers start to redesign their business model and manufacture mask and other PPE equipment we have a direct connect to a long running FDA certified KN95 mask manufacturer. As important as it is for the USA to manufacture N95 mask as to separate our ties to the need we have on other countries overseas, currently the only option we have to supply our customers with the demand for mask they need is to keep these connections overseas until this pandemic is over. Jamsafety can ship quantities of 100,000 or more straight from the manufacturer.

Over the next few months the USA businesses and economy will be begin its reopening process and most states and federal locations are forcing businesses to provide mask and sanitizer to their employees and or customers. We have taken steps to increase our production to maintain that demand. We offer what we think is one of the least expensive option for FDA approved KN95 mask. We also do offer the standard 3 fold surgical mask at a much lower cost but keep in mind the KN95 is a respirator designed to protect against virus and bacteria and the standard 3 fold mask is only a face covering to help prevent spread from an infected person. Please feel free to email inquiries to Jim@jamsafety.com someone will get back to you within 24 hours. I have provided links below to explain the KN95 mask.

FDA approves KN95 as a replacement to N95

Making sure a KN95 is authentic

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